Any good business relationship starts with a clear and precise agreement, here are the important points to remember when you want to use my music.

It is important to build a relationship of trust with mutual respect in our great musical world.

You can use audio and sheet music for your rehearsals without restriction.

For any public presentations at shows, concerts or other events you must comply with the clauses below:

Do not use the artist’s original audio sound versions, you must play the musical parts, and this, with several musicians such as, for example, a pianist or guitarist for the accompaniment and a flutist or other for the melody.

Do not record for the purpose of selling copies of your recordings, whether on CD or a wav, MP3, video or other version.

Do not publish or distribute the artist’s sound versions or musical scores.

Authorization Required

A permission won’t cost you a fortune, but fair recognition for the artist.

For any publication: sound recording on CD, wav, MP3, video or other files, you must obtain a written agreement from the artist.

For any public presentation such as shows, concerts, or others, you must obtain an authorization (written agreement) from the artist.

Artist Mention

Once you have obtained permission (written agreement) from the artist, you will ALWAYS need to mention the artist (Music by Daniel Dion and the URL of the site if possible).

Request permission

You can request permission by sending an email to